Friday, 25 August 2017

Iconic London Illuminator

Favourite highlighter of all time? I think so. When I saw an offer on Iconic London's site for £10 off, I knew I couldn't resist this little beauty any longer...

I hadn't heard of this brand until I saw it advertised on Instagram and although this product instantly stood out to me, I thought it was super pricey and as it is not stocked in any stores local to me I wasn't able to try before I bought, which is a major no-no for me usually. However, with the discount the usual £29.99 cost was brought down to £19.99 and that was enough to sway me, specially knowing pay-day was just around the corner.

This product is really versatile and can be added to moisturiser, primer or used on it's own for a magical gleaming glow, that I am sure was created by some kind of mythical creature (this is the only explanation). I bought the 'Original' shade, which is champagne toned, leaving a metallic golden sheen but there are three variations in total. 'Shine' is pink toned, leaving a pearly finish, which would be beautiful on fair skin tones and 'Glow' is a warmer terracotta tone, leaving a deep golden shine, which would be gorgeous on those of you with darker skin tones.

After a little bit of experimentation, my favourite way to apply this is to put a couple of drops (a little goes a loooong way) on to the back of my hand, swirl a small highlighter brush into the product, then I apply to the tops of my cheek bones, brow bones, cupids bow and along the centre of my nose. I then take a beauty blender and dab (no rubbing!) over the areas to blend into my skin. You can also easily build the intensity up if you're looking for a blinding glow.

Since I started using highlighters, I have always reached for powder products, but this is a game-changer and I can see why it has become a cult product in the beauty world. Using a liquid highlighter gives a more natural, dewy finish and I find it lasts longer than any of my powder products and blends much more seamlessly than a cream highlighter. You can even go in with a powder highlighter afterwards to set the liquid and create a budge-proof glow.

If this is still out of budget, I can recommend Topshop's Glow Liquid Highlighter in Phoenix, which is a great alternative, but not a complete dupe as it doesn't carry as much pigmentation or blend out as seamlessly. Apply the product in the same way I have suggested for the Iconic product and it will look gorgeous!

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