Friday, 29 January 2016


Loreal Super Liner Brow Artist 


This is a really simple product but a total bargain. Loreal has brought out a new all in one product for eyebrows. Eyebrows can really help to define your face and a strong brow is really on trend this season...Just look at Cara Delevingne. This product includes a eyebrow pencil, an eyebrow wax and a brush too so it’s perfect for on the go touch ups too. It comes in three colours, one for blonde, brunette and dark brunettes. I have the dark brunette one because although my hair is naturally fairly light, I have got nearly black eyebrows for some reason! Again, I was silly and didn't take any photos before I used it (I'm too impatient) and I have nearly used the pencil up now! I will definitely be repurchasing.
 Loreal Super Liner Brow artist brow pencil is £5.49 from Boots or Superdrug.

What is your favourite brow product at the moment?
How bold is too bold for brows?

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