Monday, 14 May 2012

Metallics: The Nail Varnish

Another nail varnish post already?! Yep. OBSESSED. This means I bought 4 nail varnishes in one week...did I NEED them? Definitely not. But I realllly wanted them and don't seem to have much will power when it comes to make-up and spending. Plus 2 for £8.00 for Models Own in Boots was just TOO tempting.

I went for Mystic Mauve which is lilac metallic with a silvery shimmer. I'm loving almost anything metallic at the moment. As there was a deal on I couldn't resist getting another one and all the glittery ones were beaut. Decided I'd go for one that complimented the metallic so I could layer the glitter over the metallic for an even more metallicy finish. I love glitter nail varnish because it has loads better staying power than normal nail varnish...but then a nightmare to remove. This is where my new 'magic' nail varnish remover comes in. 

I have seen quite a few posts about the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover but wanted to talk about how it is at taking off glitter nail varnish as it is such a nightmare. Sometimes it even hurts to take off with cotton wool as its so stuck on! I wouldn't go as far to say it is magic or a miracle but I do like it a lot and really handy (pun intended) when you paint your nails and change nail varnish so often! Basically it is a pot with a black sponge inside filling with nail varnish remover with a hole in, you dip your fingers in one by one and wiggle it round and voila! It is acetone and paraben free, has sweet almond oil in and is 'red fruit and vanilla' scented so smells delish! It doesn't take just one second but definitely does a better job for glitter nail varnish. You do have to keep your finger in there longer but it is loooads easier than rubbing away with about 2 cotton wool pads for each finger! Also handy if you're like me and are a bit of a perfectionist and just want to re-do one or two nails, saves the dreaded cotton-wool-stuck-to-nail-varnish drama!

I put the Mystic Mauve on first and then two layers of Pink Fizz.

Boots: Models Own Nail Varnish: 2 for £8.00

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover: £4.99


  1. Love this!! I wish I was good at painting my own nails! Beautiful!!! Xxx

  2. Love Pink Fizz!
    Need to find this Bourjois nail varnish remover, i can't find it in any of the superdrugs or boots near me :(
    Been trying to follow your blog but don't know whether it's just me being stupid (highly likely! haha) but i can't find the follow button! haha if you could push me in the right direction i'd very much appreciate it, cos i love your blog :)

  3. Hello lovely, yeah I had to go to a couple of different Boots to get the nail varnish remover too! Just makes you want it more. Definitely recommend it though and Pink Fizz is lush! Have followed your blog too and have added the Followers 'gadget' onto the top right hand corner of mine now! Thank you, I really really appreciate it xxx

  4. I love pink fizz. Heard so much about this polish remover, sounds amazing even for glitter polishes, I really need to try it!xxx

    1. Yeahhh do it! So much easier than flaffing around with cotton wool etc, and smells lush! Good luck tracking it down, sold out so many places x


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