Monday, 14 May 2012

First Base

I now RELIGIOUSLY use a base coat and top coat when I paint my nails, which may seem excessive because I probably paint my nails every other day but it has to be nails would be so stained if I didn't use a base coat for one (yuk!) and secondly my nails chip SOOO quickly for some reason, usually within a day so a top coat helps to make them a bit more hardwearing and also makes them really shiny which I like! 

I never used to use base coat and noticed that my nails weren't looking as healthy as they once were. So I went on to and had a little browse. My nails do peel quite a bit, probably because I never have bare nails so they never get to 'breathe" so I went for the FUSION base coat which is mean't to stop peeling nails. The lingo for this one is that it is "The perfect solution for problem, peeling nails. Rubberized resins fuse the nail’s delicate layers, while Vitamins A & D strengthen and condition for growth," sounds quite clever! To be honest it is really good as a base coat to keep nail varnish on, prevent staining and my nails do seem stronger but I haven't noticed any difference in the peeling of my nails which is a shame!

I lurrrrveeeee the BRILLIANCE top coat as it is realllly shiny and also makes nail varnish dry quicker which is amazing. "Advanced new formula speeds up drying time, while adding an unparalleled high gloss finish. UV inhibitors and reflective polymers prevent chipping, smudging or yellowing. Each time you apply, it’s like a brand new manicure, fresh with shine." As it is so shiny it almost looks like gel polish if you put it on thickly and it really does make everything dry quicker which is really good.

As you can see from the photo they are both nearly used up. They are quite pricey but I think looking after your nails is really important and they last for ages, specially if you're not an absolute nail varnish geek obsessive like me! Definitely recommend the base coat as that is what stops the nail varnish from damaging your nails but any top coat can be used on top!

Looking a bit worse for wear now and will need replacing soon as they're running lowww!

Fusion: £15.25
Brilliance: £9.55

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