Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bye Summer

Hello beauties. This may seem weird as I am writing this in October but AUGUST is my favourite month...mainly because the 1st is my birthday and it is Summer which means at least some good weather. I already wrote a little bit about my birthday here so I won't talk about that again but for the rest of the month I worked lots, spent lots, had to move out of my house at uni and went to V festival which was AMAZING.

Moving out of my house at uni was actually really stressful as I wasn't very well and my housemates had already moved out so I had to stay there solo. I didn't realise how much unnecessary stuff I had taken with me and how much extra stuff I had accumulated while I was there...this was still the case even though I'd already moved all my clothes out already...My mum came up once I'd packed as we needed my car and hers to fit all my stuff in and they were both jam packed when we were finished. If any of you are off to uni this September just remember you probably won't need ALL your clothes (including the ones you haven't worn for 2 years) like I thought I did, I probably wore a quarter of them! After I'd given my keys back to the worst estate agents in London we went for the lunch by the Thames in Kingston and I drove through Richmond Park to see a friend, LOVE that park.

(From top left clockwise) Lunch, Richmond park, Last Night at V,  First day at V.

V festival was the weekend after that and was well needed! I went for the whole weekend and the weather was absolutely amazing all weekend, even hotter than when I went last year. It was in the 30's which was incredible, I got some unusual tan lines but had a brilliant time. I wore bright summery floral dresses and my favourite Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 20 most of the weekend. It is events like this where I am so pleased I have my eyelash extensions, no need for mascara and no panda eyes.

Some of the acts I saw:

 Emeli Sande
David Guetta
Maverick Sabre
Professor Green
Tinie Tempah
Tom Jones
DJ Fresh Live
Rita Ora

I was lucky enough to enjoy some September sun on my days off last month and got to top up my tan a little bit before it fades to ghostlyness. 

Completely clear sky and aeroplane.

I went out to the coast for the evening last week and the sunset was beautiful, I love that time of night. I took Mambo for a walk and he ran straight into the sea, and lay down, naughty seal dog.


  1. I'm glad you had such a good summer- minus the move! I love looking for new apartments but physically moving is the hardest work! xx
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    1. It is so stressful, one of the downsides of being a grown up now! Hope you had a good Summer :) x

  2. I just love your photographs! I KNEW we had blue sky this summer.. I just haven't got any evidence though!



    1. Aw Thank you! I love photography! The blue sky was there at least for a little while! xx

  3. Lovely pics, you're gorgeous xx


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