Monday, 30 July 2012

Nail Obsession

Nail posts always seem to go down well and I LOVE writing about nails, nail varnish and nail art. I don't know why but I actually find painting my nails very therapeutic when I am stressed or need a bit of 'me' time! I am always buying new nail varnish and even more so now I am working in the city centre just a floor away from Boots. I'm constantly taking photos of my nails after I have painted them! I get bored easily and like to change my nail varnish often so it is probably a good thing that my nail varnish always chips so quickly, not sure why this is! Just wanted to do a quick post on some of the nail styles I have had recently! I recently bought Models Own Hedonist and Ibiza Mix, I am in LOVE with Ibiza Mix because of the different colour and sized glitter and it looks amazing over so many different colours. I love how fluorescent Hedonist is but I find the consistency too thick and also not sure about the semi-matte finish, but is fine with a shiny top coat!

Nude with Ibiza Mix.

Sweet Kisses (17) with Ibiza Mix.

Free Missguided orange from Glamour.

Models Own Hedonist with Ibiza Mix on ring finger.

Dotting tool used to dot dark purple and then layer on top to smudge the dots. Glitter ring finger.

Red with Ibiza Mix and two tone ring finger.

What do you think? Any styles you recommend I try? Love finding new ideas and techniques.

Holiday: Zante

I haven't blogged in a while as I have been so busy working and doing bits and pieces, I was also busy planning my last minute Summer holiday, the first in over 2 years and of course buying extra things I probably did not need...I went to Laganas in Zante (Zakynthos). Zante is a greek island and is the perfect combination of a beautiful island getaway with enough places to go wild at night! I had an amazing time and had relaxing days by the pool and on the beach, along with loads of fun going out in the evenings! Definitely suffering now for it though as I am not very well. Me and my friend also rented a quad bike for the day, which was hilarious! I definitely recommend the island as it is beautiful and there are different resorts perfect for different types of holidays.

The weather was gorgeous the whole 10 days we were there and I got nicely bronzed, which always makes me happy! In regards to beauty and holiday prep I had a Jessica Geleration manicure before I went away, which a is gel nail varnish  meant to last 2-3 weeks without chipping, mine didn't last this long but nothing ever seems to on me! I also bought Hawaiian Tropic sun tan lotion as I think it smells incredible! I took SPF 15 and 30 and a SPF 25 No.7 one I had already for my face. I took all the makeup and hair products I thought I'd need and luckily was still within my 20kg baggage limit, but it was a very close call! I am the worst holiday packer ever!

It is my 21st birthday on Wednesday, which I am very excited about and I will do a post about any goodies I get next week :) I will going out for dinner on Wednesday but celebrating with all my friends on Saturday which I am really looking forward to...still need to find a new dress and time is ticking! Any recommendations of online shops I can look at as I am not well enough to shop yet!? I've searched on all the usual suspects like ASOS and Topshop but I struggle because I am quite tall and lots of places dresses are just too short like Missguided etc.

Have any of you been to Zante? What did you think? & Do any of you have any suggestions for a birthday dress for me where I would have it by Saturday?!

View from Cameo Island.

Got to keep nail varnish standards up on holiday too!
One drink in each hand...standard.
Pina Colada made a nice change to sickly fruity cocktails!

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