Monday, 18 June 2012

Galaxy Nails

Today I did my nails by following this youtube video by Miss Jen Fabulous who does amazing designs and has a lovely blog too which can be seen here. I have seen galaxy nails done in a few different styles and loved them so decided to give it a go! For my first attempt I am quite pleased with them but I am a massive perfectionist and I wish I'd blended them better and used different glitters too. Need to buy a holographic micro glitter and chunkier one. I painted black on as a base and dabbed on pink, blue and purple nail varnishes using a sponge. I then added a silver glitter on top but like I said I think it would have looked better with holographic glitter of two different sizes like what was used in the tutorial! Think I'm going to get Models Own 'Juicy Jules'.  I also added on a few small heart shaped gems, which I found in my makeup bag full of nail varnish, I thought I'd put them on my thumb and on my ring finger, just makes them look a bit different and is an alternative to larger particles of glitter!  Hope you like them!

What do you think!?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I Heart Nail Stickers

Hello lovelies, just wanted to do a quick post on my current nails. I go through phases where I really want to experiment with designs and other times I am happy as long as they are neatly painted in a nice colour! This week I have used my nail stickers to create something a little bit different as I have much more time on my hands with exams out of the way and also wanted to do them for my night out last night. 

My newest Essie purchases: Lovie Dovie & Watermelon....LOVE them both.

I already had my nails painted in Essie's Watermelon the day before because nails have to be completely dry before the stickers are stuck on. I have talked about the stickers before here but briefly they are only used as a template and are removed afterwards to reveal the design. You can get different shaped ones and I got a pack on eBay with assorted shapes. I stuck on the stickers one by one and painted OPI's Designer...De Better on over the reddy pink colour, I then peeled off the sticker off every nail and painted clear top coat over the top to make them realllly shiny and to prevent chipping! I don't want these bad boys chipping after this effort! I started off by doing a design on my thumb, middle finger and little finger (below) but then changed my mind and thought I would do each nail differently and the result is that I absolutely love them! Definitely inspired me to use the stickers more often.

I love both these colours and together I think they look really cool, the stickers can be used to create designs with any colours but I love the metallic. Designer...De Better is a champagney coloured metallic nail varnish with tiny bronze flecks in it when you look closely.

Nail Varnish used: Essie Watermelon and OPI Designer...De Better

What do you think?! 
Hope you like!

I'm Back

Hello again beauties, I am back! My exams for my second year at uni are finished for the year and my Summer has begun, finally! Unfortunately the lovely weather we have been having decided to go away the day after my last exam...typical! But this cooler weather did give me an opportunity to go for a well deserved shop to treat myself on pay day...and treat myself I did! I am at university in Greater London so not far at all from the usual London shopping hotspots. So off I set in the cooler temperatures to get my shop on. I was planning on going to Oxford Street and Covent Garden but as it was my first day of freedom I took the opportunity to have a big lie in and didn't end up getting the train until later than planned...then Oxford Street swallowed me for 6 hours...yes 6 hours! 
My first day of Summer: My shopping bags/ Pretty door in Liberty/ I love Iced Tea/ My new maxi dress.
I went to the flagship Warehouse and Oasis stores on Argyll Street as I get discount due to work and got a maxi dress and some other bits and pieces. I only have one other maxi dress but I thought the floral pattern and colours were beautiful for Summer and couldn't resist! I had a stroll through Liberty for the first time and to be honest felt a bit unwelcome as I clearly didn't look rich enough! I did get a lovely Korres lip balm though. Yum. I also went to the beasty Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Primark. It was Thursday so everything was open really late but I didn't have time to go to Covent Garden and was all shopped out! I'm not going to include everything I bought on this post but I've put a few photos below. I had a lovely time wandering around but can't believe I spent so long in so few shops.
Beautiful door in Liberty!

Got a bit carried away...
My new maxi dress.

Dress - concession brand in Oasis Argyll Street: £54.99