Saturday, 19 May 2012

Good Hair Daze

Hey beauties, just wanted to do a post on my favourite hair products and the ones I have being using most recently. Will do my favourite beauty products soon. I think looking after your hair is reaaallly important as it's one of those that everyone notices, everyone sees and is always on show (unless you can pull off a hat...I CANNOT). Every girl I know has good and bad hair days but everyone wants to have more good than bad! Personally I like my hair look healthy and shiny, be full of volume and smell yummy and fresh. The four products I am going to write about each do a different job.

L-R: 1. Got2b Heat Protection, 2. Got2b 2 Sexy Mousse, 3. Batiste Dry Shampoo & 4. Bed Head Headrush.

1. First of all protecting my hair  is really important as it's getting really long and prone to split ends and damage! I use Schwarzkopf Got2 Guardian Angel Heat Protection spray which claims to protect hair up to 220°C. This product smells lovely and fresh and I love it! Definitely think I'd have more split ends if I didn't use it as I blow-dry and straighten my hair so often! I squirt my whole head with it when I've towel dried my hair and then I blow-dry it and style it. i wouldn't recommend putting it on dry hair as it would probably go a bit sticky and then damage your hair if you then straighten it damp, which defeats the object of using it in the first place!

2. As I have long hair I have the problem of trying to keep it from going flat as it's so heavy. I have tried SOOOO many things to create volume in my hair. Even back-combing and putting loads of hairspray ends up just flattening out and un-back-combing itself! I have also tried loads of different mousses before this one and they've been heavy or sticky, made my hair look oily or had no effect. This by FAR the best volumising product I've ever used. The mousse itself smells fruity and delicious and I usually use two big squirts of it throughout my hair...I used to avoid putting products in my roots but I put this in my roots and throughout the lengths of my hair. I comb the product through and then blow-dry my hair roughly then upside down to add more volume. It does exactly what it says on the tin...literally! Big volume! 

3. Before I talk about this product I just want to say that I have definitely not always been a fan of dry shampoo. I got in to a bad habit of washing my hair every day, which I know is bad because it washes away all the natural oils etc. I just love the feeling of freshly washed hair and have always hated dry shampoo, it smelt funny (the standard dry shampoo smell), made my head itchy and made my hair grey. I am now in the viscous hair washing circle where if I don't wash it every day it doesn't look as nice and gets oily and if I do then I'm going to have to keep washing it everyday. I have now found a dry shampoo that I LIKE. Batiste have so many different dry shampoos now, even ones for different coloured hair. I think I have mainly been won over by the packaging and the scent as ultimately I'm sure it is more or less the same product inside the bottle as it was when I tried it and wasn't a fan. For some reason I have always loved cherry print, I think its cute and kitsch. The scent is lush and obviously fruity as it smells like cherries. To be honest I'd much rather wash my hair but it just takes so long so definitely be reaching for this every now and then! It also adds a bit of texture and volume to roots too, so could even use it even if you don't have oily roots just to freshen the style up a bit! I have seen some stuff on the new one Batiste are launching called "lace," which I will have to try too maybe!

From Batiste website.

4. I have done a full post on Headrush here: but briefly it is a super fine shine spray, smells amazing and makes hair soft and very shiny! The perfect finishing product.

1. Got2b Heat Protection: £4.05 from Boots
2. Got2b Big Volume Mousse: £4.05 from Boots
3. Batiste Dry Shampoo: £2.99 from Boots
4. Bed Head Headrush: £12.70 from Feel Unique for 200ml



  1. I love Headrush, possibly for the smell alone! My can seems to be immortal though, had it for ages now, think I got it cheap at TJ Hughes when it was still around! Just read your 'About me' I'm also a queen of procrastination haha :D

    1. I love it so much I did a whole post on it! The scent is amazing, if anything in Boots smelt that good I'd snap it up! They do last ages, thats how I convince myself it doesn't matter that each can costs a lot! Haha, I need to sort it out, my putting things off til last minute habit is getting out of hand! x


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